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Range/Spaceport Safety & Integration

Collaborating with organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Spaceport Authorities, Federal Ranges, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be overwhelming and time consuming. While each organization has established customer groups to interface with your team and walk you through the process, the ILS team can help you understand the requirements and compliance documentation as they relate to the development of your concept of operation; vehicle, facility and support equipment designs; and plans and procedures.  This reduces rework and the amount of effort required to coordinate and establish compliance which often negatively impacts cost and schedule milestones. Our subject matter experts have first hand experience obtaining these licenses and certifications and have gained valuable insights and lessons to help guide your team in generating the necessary information in a timely and cost effective manner.  

New User Entry & Agreements
UDS Documentation (e.g., PI, PRD, OR)
AFSPCMAN 91-710 Requirements Tailoring
Operation & Test Documentation 
Explosive Siting Analysis
Operations Coordination/Scheduling
Real Property Coordination​

clarify roles/responsibilities and findings/feedback 

identify key schedule dependencies and risk drivers

 provide surge support to understand and establish compliance

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