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Create an exceptional employee experience by providing the culture, technology, and workspace to attract, retain, and produce the most well-rounded and knowledgeable personnel in the space industry.

Inspire the next generation technical services model by exemplifying productivity, accountability, technical excellence, and continual improvement.

Establish an intrapreneurial culture so personnel look beyond the industry/program’s usual routines and protocols to create new products, services, and systems that drive innovation, operability, and efficiencies.

Establish and maintain a corporate learning structure to facilitate the identification, communication, and comprehension of evolving industry-wide capabilities and services, best practices, lessons learned, and risks.

Employ an agile staffing model that provides full-time, on-demand, and senior advisory resources to provide customer flexibility and resource optimization.


Revolutionize launch, range, and space systems integration and technical services by challenging the status quo, minimizing barriers, and unifying space commerce, exploration, and defense initiatives.